Sword of Speech – Part 4

Speech can become an expression of the spirit, through us and through our physical organism into the world. It can be an expression of the highest? How aware are we when we speak? Do we know what we are intending when we speak? Are we merely"talking" or do we really speak? Once again, Laurie inspires us with her lessons.

Sword of Speech – Part 3

in this engaging class, Laurie shares a study of "The Seven Gestures of Speech." These are exercises articulated by Rudolf Steiner and later developed as a full path of inner development in the work of acting so ably developed by Michael Chekhov. These practices can reveal to us much about how we can best express ourselves in our oral communications.

Sword of Speech – Part 5

With warmth and eloquence, Laurie Portocarrero brings to a conclusion this series of inspirational and invitational talks on how to bring presence and authenticity to our spoken word, and thereby, to our whole lives.

Sword of Speech – Part 2

With every lesson, Laurie guides us on the journey of how we can best forge and wield the power of the Word that it may become the bearer of our better selves in expressing out thoughts and communicating with others.

Sword of Speech – Part 1

Accomplished Speech Artist and Dramatist and group facilitator Laurie Portacarrero presents the first of five lessons on how to speech with warmth, consciousness and presence. A truly engaging lesson for all our viewers!