Copper Rods: The Basics

Learn how and why copper rods are used in eurythmy

Basic Guidelines

Watch this to learn basic principles, such as the importance of silence, how often to practice, how many repetitions to use, and more.

Pentagram: the Five-Pointed Star

The Archetypal Human Form

5th & 6th Grade Notes (pdf only)

Homeschooling: Introduction

Watch this video to learn how to create simple eurythmy experiences for your homeschooled children

Moving in Space

Learn how to move through space with the precision and lightness of the etheric body

Moving Straight Lines

Learn to Move From the Heart: Forwards, backwards, Sideways and Diagonally

Rod Tossing

Interact with a partner by tossing rods together

Sevenfold Rod Exercise

Rod exercise #1: The physical body and its precision

Straight Lines and Curves

Learn how to alternate between straight and curve lines

Triangles and Hexagons

First-level Forms

Twelvefold Rod Exercise

Rod exercise #2: The etheric body and its natural rhythms

Variations on Threefold Walking

Breathing, Copper ball, Walking, Warmup, Centering, Heart, Peace, Harmony, Coordination, Sleep aid, Love-Ā, Heart

Waterfall Rod Exercise

Rod exercise #4:The ego body surrounded by spirit

Creating Your Eurythmy Practice

Learn where, when and how to practice, and what to wear

Curves and Circles: Bending Space

Learn the different techniques needed for curved forms

Little Rod Exercises for Children

Simplified coordination rod exercises for beginning learns

Three-fold Walking

A conversation with the earth. Perhaps we need something longer and more descriptive