B: the Consonant of Boundaries, Part 1

Create safe boundaries in the embrace of B. This is the sound of the mother and the protector. A eurythmy therapist may develop special aspects of it for people who feel vulnerable.

The Soul Exercises: Introduction

Learn how vowel and consonant exercises can be fine-tuned to create health-supporting practices

Basic Guidelines

Watch this to learn basic principles, such as the importance of silence, how often to practice, how many repetitions to use, and more.

Ah, the Vowel of Wonder

To express the sound Ah, we open our hearts to the world with reverence and awe. We awaken the inner child, and draw into ourselves forces of health and immunity.

Creating Your Eurythmy Practice

Learn where, when and how to practice, and what to wear


Overcome stress, build immunity, sleep better with this beautiful exercise, by opening yourself to the invisible forces of the spirit